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Welcome to the official website of Dr. Jonas Polfuß. As an experienced consultant for digital success and global marketing, Jonas helps companies strengthen their digital strategies and navigate business across different media and cultures. As a trainer and researcher, he specializes in digital marketing, cross-cultural communication and country-of-origin branding. His most recent research focuses on marketing and AI.


Recent Talks

AI Tools and Advice for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises @ Regenreich Event (Münster)

AI and Its Impact on Society and Marketing @ Nonfood Kongress 2024 (Frankfurt)

Cross-cultural Marketing: China and Germany @ Krefeld Business

AI, Blog Marketing and SEO @ IU Internationale Hochschule (Online)

A Critical Review of Online Business Coachings in Germany @ ISPC 2023 (Online)


Recent Workshops

AI and The Social Sciences @ Bistum Münster / Fachbereich Sozialwissenschaften

Blog Marketing, SEO and AI @ Arbeiterkind.de

Creative Writing, Blogging and SEO @ Sinologie / Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Teaching and Learning with AI @ Gesamtschule Friedensschule Münster

Teaching and Learning with AI @ Gesamtschule Bockmühle Essen


Recent Editorials

“How good AI texts in marketing are now – and how to recognize them” (Horizont, in German)

“Man versus machine? Where AI reaches its limits in marketing texts” (Meedia, in German)

“ChatGPT vs. Google. Can chatbots replace search engines? (Horizont, in German)

“Hiphop collaborations – how brands can choose the right rapper”, with Ismail Boulag-hmal (Horizont, in German)

“Google eats search? The development of featured snippets from an SEO perspective” (Werben & Verkaufen, in German)



Jonas Polfuß works as a consultant, marketer and trainer in digital branding, international marketing, and cross-cultural communication. 

Selected References

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Jonas Polfuß publishes research on international brand management, social media marketing, cross-cultural communication and subcultures.

Recent Publications


Opportunities and Challenges for Destination Marketing Using Search Engine Data / Tourism Culture & Communication (2023)

Sustainable Marketing in the Nonprofit Sector – Opportunities through SEO and Online PR (in German) / Sustainability in Nonprofit Organizations; eds. J. Hilgers-Sekowsky, N. Richter & N. Ermel (2023)  

Information for Study and Work: Market Analyses with Search Engine Data (in German) / WiSt Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium (2023)

50 Plus on TikTok? Barriers and Opportunities in Digital Marketing for Older Target Groups (in German) / Innovative and Digital Marketing in Practice; eds. G. Schuster & C. Lucas (2023)

Hip-hop – A Marketplace Icon / Journal Consumption Markets & Culture (2022)

Hiphop Elements in Marketing – Characteristics, Opportunities and Challenges (in German) / Transfer – Zeitschrift für Kommunikation und Markenmanagement; with I. Boulaghmal (2022)

Marketing Collaborations Between Luxury Brands and Hip-Hop Artists: An Analysis of Community Feedback on Instagram / Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing (2021)

Made in China and Chinese Brand Management Across Cultures: A New Matrix Approach / Journal of International Consumer Marketing (2021)

Content and Engagement Analysis to Measure Brand Preferences on Instagram (in German) / Transfer – Zeitschrift für Kommunikation und Markenmanagement (2020)

Country-of-origin as a Dynamic Concept: An Analysis of Chinese Consumer Electronics Brands in Germany / Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies; with D. Sönmez (2020)



Hip-hop Marketing (in German) / Springer Gabler; with I. Boulaghmal (2023)

Germany and China Between Cooperation and Competition (in German) / Springer Gabler; with M. H.P. Müller (2021)

Selling in China (in German) / Springer Gabler; with Y. Luo-Alt (2018)



Jonas Polfuß offers consulting and trainings on social media and digital marketing for social, sustainable and/or non-profit organizations.

Selected Projects

Marketing consulting for start-ups from the sustainable food industry 

PR and marketing support for intercultural and social organizations 

Social media and AI workshops for schools in North-Rhine-Westphalia 

Presentations and workshops for political foundations and cultural associations